Memos & Presentations


SIRTF Planning Memos

  • SIRTF Planning II: Off-Field Observations (PS)
  • SIRTF Planning III: Large Cloud Observations (PS)
  • SIRTF Planning IV: Stars (PS)
  • Planned Research (PDF) (PS)



Delivery Documents

  • Anticipated Data Products (PDF) PS
  • Delivery Document (03 Dec 2004) (PDF) PS
  • Delivery 2 IRAC/MIPS Document (PDF) (PS)
  • Delivery 2 IRS Document (PDF)
  • Delivery 3 IRAC/MIPS Document (PDF) (PS)
  • Delivery 3 IRS Document (PDF)

    Final Data Delivery:
  • c2d Spectroscopy Explanatory Supplement (Delivery 4 IRS Document) (PDF)
  • Final Delivery of Data from the c2d Legacy Project: IRAC and MIPS (PDF) (PS)

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